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I'm a freelancing Javascript and PHP Developer, Book Author and Speaker, located in Potsdam, Germany. For my continuous efforts on Open Source Software I received the Galileo Open Source Award in 2005. I am best known as a Javascript Ninja and HTML5 expert. Since 2004 I'm an active contributor of the PHP Programming Language, you can find my code in PECL and PEAR.

During the past decade I've worked for dozens of clients. For instance you can find my code and consulting expertise here (sorted alphabetically): American Star Academy, Axel Geis, Bobux Shoes, cmc Instruments, DailyDeal, deister electronic, ez Systems, GZFA, Hamburg Mannheimer, High Snobiety, Implant24, Innovectis, Jobservice, Junge Akademie Berlin, Kids Dental Care, Kosima-Haus, Lieblinx, Mainfrankentheater Würzburg, Mayflower, Mozartfest Würzburg, Ondux, Sat.1, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Stadttheater Regensburg, Stretta Music, Superior, Theaterschiff Potsdam, Uemis, webfact Berlin, Xydent, Zirkon.de.

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  • Keynote - Ajax in Action, September 2006
  • Content Management Usability - Content Manager Days, November 2004 (PDF Slides)
  • Contextual Browsing Language - Linuxtag, June 2004 (PDF Slides)
  • Content Management Interfascination - Internet Expo Zürich, February 2004


Galileo Open Source Award 2005

Recent Works


Markus is a most generous person and has a strong doer personality. I so much appreciated the time we worked together. The marketing department took serious steps in the right direction as a result of Markus' leadership. A conversation with Markus stretches your mind and gives clarity to problems you might be faced with. I've experienced his healthy foundation based on family centred living and I believe it makes all the difference - a sign of a quality person.

E. Vidar Top, Sales Manager eZ Systems

We would like to give thanks for a cooperation which was very pleasing for us. Furthermore we would like to thank for the professional realization of our ideas, for the good advice as well as the excellent support.

Elke Kuhn, Executive Director Mozartfest Würzburg

Working with Markus was a great pleasure. He has excellent know-how in marketing which allows him to achieve great results when it comes to executing a marketing strategy. This includes the formulation of product information and press releases as well as the visual design of brochures, etc. Furthermore, I always appreciated his feedback concerning the marketing strategy. He was so to say the highly trusted link between strategic goals and the actual deliverables.

Sandro Groganz, CEO Init Marketing

We thank you for the fantastic support and the professional advice with the creation of our website. Our expectations towards the creative realization of our ideas as well as an absolute reliability have always been fulfilled.

Franz Weiss, CEO GZFA